ジェーン・エア 演習14(18/11/28)
 “Mr. Mason does. Mr. Eyre has been the Funchal correspondent of his house for some years. When your uncle received your letter intimating the contemplated union between yourself and Mr. Rochester, Mr. Mason, who was staying at Madeira to recruit his health, on his way back to Jamaica, happened to be with him. Mr. Eyre mentioned the intelligence; for he knew that my client here was acquainted with a gentleman of the name of Rochester. Mr. Mason, astonished and distressed as you may suppose, revealed the real state of matters. Your uncle, I am sorry to say, is now on a sick bed; from which, considering the nature of his disease—decline—and the stage it has reached, it is unlikely he will ever rise. He could not then hasten to England himself, to extricate you from the snare into which you had fallen, but he implored Mr. Mason to lose no time in taking steps to prevent the false marriage. He referred him to me for assistance. I used all despatch, and am thankful I was not too late: as you, doubtless, must be also. Were I not morally certain that your uncle will be dead ere you reach Madeira, I would advise you to accompany Mr. Mason back; but as it is, I think you had better remain in England till you can hear further, either from or of Mr. Eyre. Have we anything else to stay for?” he inquired of Mr. Mason.
 “No, no—let us be gone,” was the anxious reply; and without waiting to take leave of Mr. Rochester, they made their exit at the hall door. The clergyman stayed to exchange a few sentences, either of admonition or reproof, with his haughty parishioner; this duty done, he too departed.


*the Funchal correspondent of his houseのhouse、ここで「家」はおかしいので、辞書を調べると、「会社」の意味があります。correspondentも《商》で「取引先(店)」(リーダーズ)。ジーニアスには「地方駐在員」があります。これがいいでしょう。his houseのhisは、そのあとの説明からメイソン氏だとわかります。
*on a sick bed「病床にある」。英語と日本語(漢字)の並び具合が同じですね。
*Your uncle… is now on a sick bed; from which, … it is unlikely he will ever riseの長さに惑わされないように。from whichのwhichが直前のa sick bedを受け、he will ever rise from the sick bedのfrom the sick bedを関係代名詞化していることに注意。
*He could not then hasten to…のthenは前文をうけて、「そういうわけで」の意。
*He referred him to me for assistanceのHeとhim。前文と同じ構造です。主語はMr. Eyre。himはMr. Mason。
*I used all despatchのdespatchはdispatchのこと。Allの後ろが複数形になっていないので不可算名詞と判断。「手際よい処置」ととりました。allは「できるかぎりの」の意の形容詞。
*Were I not morally certain that…仮定法条件節のifを省略した形。morally certainで「ほぼそうだと思う」の意味。「that以下のことがほぼそうだということはない」→「that以下のことはなさそうだ」

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